Encompass Mining takes pride in its team of experienced mining engineers who have honed their skills across a diverse range of resources, spanning the globe.

Our principal engineers, together with our dedicated engineers and senior experts, collaborate closely to provide you with access to a team of industry-leading professionals. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, from short-term dig designs to high-level financial modelling, you can trust that you are leveraging the expertise of recognised industry leaders.



These specialised services, combined with our experienced team, ensure that Encompass Mining delivers unparalleled expertise, precision, & insights to drive the success of your mining projects.



At Encompass Mining, we offer a comprehensive suite of planning services that lay the foundation for successful mining operations. Our experienced team excels in:

Order of magnitude analysis: Providing insightful assessments to guide decision-making processes.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies: Conducting rigorous studies to evaluate the viability of your mining projects.

Brownfield and greenfield project development: Assisting in the development and expansion of both existing and new mining operations.

Due diligence reviews: Conducting thorough assessments to ensure informed investment decisions.

Tendering and estimation services: Assisting in the preparation of tenders and accurate cost estimations.

Margin and cost ranking: Analysing and optimising costs to maximise operational efficiency.


Mine Design & Scheduling

Encompass Mining's team of experts possesses a deep understanding of mine design and scheduling, enabling us to deliver optimal solutions. Our services include:

Mine Reserves and JORC Reserves: Accurately determining and evaluating mine reserves in compliance with industry standards.

Mine design for multi-seam and single-seam coal operations: Crafting efficient and safe mine designs for both complex multi-seam and single-seam coal operations.

Mine design for open-pit and underground metals: Creating tailored mine designs to suit diverse geological conditions and mining methods.

Drill and blast, truck and shovel/excavator, and dragline design and optimisation: Optimising crucial mining activities to enhance productivity and safety.

Load and haul and dragline productivity estimation: Analysing and optimising load and haul operations to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Short, mid-term, and life-of-mine scheduling: Developing comprehensive scheduling strategies to maximise resource extraction and operational efficiency.

Dump scheduling: Efficiently managing waste disposal to minimise environmental impact and operational costs.

Building XPAC, Spry, and Deswik planning models: Utilising advanced software tools to create accurate and dynamic planning models.


Financial Evaluation

Encompass Mining understands the importance of sound financial evaluation in the mining industry. Our services encompass:

Equipment and capital justifications: Evaluating equipment investments and capital expenditures to ensure optimal utilisation of resources.

Budget preparation and discounted cash flow analysis: Assisting in the preparation of budgets and conducting thorough financial analysis to assess project viability and profitability.


Software Experience

Our team is well-versed in a wide range of industry-standard software, including:

XPAC, TALPAC, XERAS, DRAGSIM (Runge Pincock Minarco): Leveraging advanced tools for mine planning, scheduling, and financial evaluation.

SPRY (Precision Mining): Harnessing the power of SPRY software for enhanced mine planning and scheduling.

Minescape (ABB), Deswik (Deswik), Vulcan (Maptek), Minex (Geovia), 3D-Dig (Earth Technology): Proficiently utilising these industry-leading software solutions for geological modelling, mine planning, and optimisation.

Excel and Office suite including VBA scripting (Microsoft: Leveraging the flexibility and analytical capabilities of Excel and VBA scripting for customised mining solutions.

These specialised services, combined with our experienced team, ensure that Encompass Mining delivers unparalleled expertise, precision, & insights to drive the success of your mining projects.

Partner with Encompass Mining for all your mining engineering needs and experience the advantage of working with a consultancy that combines technical excellence, collaborative spirit, and a commitment to driving your success. Our team is dedicated to delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique mining challenges. Let us be your trusted partner on the path to mining excellence.

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