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Our team of seasoned geologists brings unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver robust and consistent geological models and resource estimates. With a wealth of experience working with major mining companies, our geologists know exactly what is required to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results within your timeline. Whether it's a geological model, resource estimate, or due diligence review, we work closely with you to ensure the best outcomes.

geotechnical engineering

Encompass Mining has experienced geotechnical engineers who have worked across a variety of commodities in both underground and open cut mining environments. Our engineers work closely with you to deliver a smarter, tailor-made geotechnical solution, whether it be a design conformance check, remedial design or a Life of Asset assessment.

Mining engineering

Our team of experienced mining engineers have worked across a large range of resources in all corners of the globe. Our principal engineers work closely with our engineers and senior engineers to ensure that no matter what level of work needs to be performed, from short-term dig designs to high level financial modelling, you will be leveraging the expertise of a team of recognised industry leaders.

Corporate Advisory

Encompass Mining has experts in the fields of resource geology, geotechnical engineering and mine engineering that along with industry partners provide expert advice including project evaluations, due diligence and investment advice for the mining sectors.

Encompass Mining Solutions are a leading Australian firm specialising in Mining Engineering, Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, & Corporate Advisory within the mining and resource management industry.

Led by an experienced and highly qualified Executive Team that provide guidance and skill in their area of expertise.

Our mining industry professionals can work with your data to provide a smart solution to a problem.

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