Encompass Mining has experienced geotechnical engineers who have worked across a variety of commodities in both underground and open cut mining environments. Our engineers work closely with you to deliver a smarter, tailor-made geotechnical solution, whether it be a design conformance check, remedial design or a Life of Asset assessment.

Our experience, together with the ability to call on mining engineers and resource geologists within the organization means we can maximize the potential of an existing operation or a new project in even the most difficult mining conditions.

Our experienced team offer services to our clients such as:

  • Open Cut or underground design utilizing the latest in 2D and 3D stability assessment techniques
  • Ground support or pit remediation design
  • Exploration planning and data assessment
  • Development of geotechnical models and databases
  • Assessment and optimisation of mining sequences
  • Development of slope monitoring plans and TARPs
  • Design and implementation of monitoring systems including groundwater and slope movement monitoring
  • UAV imagery capture and data utilisation

Our engineers can easily integrate into a site technical team or into a project team where we can utilize our skills to provide an outcome that provides the right balance between risk and reward.


Glen Guy Director/Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Email info@encompassmining.com Phone +61 7 3229 5246 Linkedin